The Tall Tale Signs of Trustworthy Wedding Planners in Redding

Wedding Planners in ReddingThough weddings are often banded with fun-filled memories of celebrations with friends and family, the actual truth would say otherwise, with countless disasters known to plague weddings here and there.

Questionable wedding planners remain to be one of the main culprits why many weddings end in disaster, with cases of wedding planners taking their clients’ money and running reported to occasionally happen.

Here are some of the tall tale signs of trustworthy wedding planners in Redding, signs which you should watch out for when calling for the services of wedding planners.

Location, location, location – One tall tale sign you should watch out for when dealing with wedding planners is location.

Ideally, the wedding planner you’re dealing with should have his/her office based in an established business zone or business center, since business centers do background checks on their tenants, and won’t be quick in giving out office space leases if a tenant has a questionable standing as a business.

Documentation, credentials and permits – Documents such as business permits and applicable licenses are things which you should be mindful of too, when dealing with a prospective wedding planner.

Though such documents could be easily forged, matching their presence with a wedding planner’s office helps you determine just how trustworthy a prospective wedding planner is.

On referrals and feedback – A good wedding planner will always have positive feedback backing his/her services. A bad one will also have the opposite set of feedbacks, and having some referral and feedback information would help you weigh and assess how good a wedding planner is in the field.

Do well in remembering these tall tale signs when dealing with your prospective wedding planner, and you can steer clear from the awful experience of a wedding disaster.

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