Timing Matters for a Budget Wedding in Redding

Her Wedding PlannerTruly, timing matters – you of all people know this by heart. All things considered, your wedding in Redding is a product of series of timing observed properly (was no accident that you met). And why not use proper timing to get your ‘big day’ less financially stressful. Here’s how:


Observe seasons. It is important that to get things or services at the right time, the right season. For instance, booking your wedding when everybody wants to get their thing going would cost you. Consider off-season. These are the months that are not within April to early July when weddings are at their peak. When you do you not only enjoy lesser prices but also a wider choice of options for vendors (e.g., florists,caterers) by sidestepping the competition.


Further, you may want to hold your wedding on a day other than Saturday as Saturdays are peak-days. Everybody wants a Saturday as it is the time of the week when most are available. Getting your reception on Sunday or a Monday could be well, less popular but ultimately and this is what matters most, it will come out a lot less expensive.


Another timing-based strategy to get all-saved up is holding your wedding on a more strategic time. For instance, an after 7pm schedule will signal a post-dinner celebration and thus will allow you to skip giving full-dinners.


Lastly, you may want to consider getting flowers that are within season. Getting those off-season floras will not only cost you double or triple, you may be in danger of running low on your source.


No doubt, when you practice proper timing you will discover that making your dream wedding a reality without losing a shirt is not hard after all. In the end, this allows you to spend your hard-earned cash where it matters most.


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