The Festivals of Redding

Redding’s Freedom FestivalWith its status as the “Second Sunniest City in the U.S.”, there are a lot of events, celebrations and festivals hosted within the bounds of Redding, CA each year.

From mainstay annually staged celebrations, to one-shot events that are due for their second installments, seasonal celebrations, sporting activities, live performances and fairs are mere samplings of what Redding’s visitors have to expect from it as a city.

There’s the Blues by the River Festival, known not only to gather cool cat performers, but the masters of Jazz as well, sure to sate the musical inclinations of even the most discerning of music aficionados. The Cascade Theater is also famous for showcasing an eclectic selection of live musical or stage performances, something which the theater organizes and presents throughout the year.

The Redding Rodeo is also quite notorious as a Redding’s more frequented attractions, a unique rodeo where spectators get to see genuine cowboys and cowgirls do what they do best. Redding’s Freedom Festival, held every July, is also one of Redding’s more well attended celebrations, known for its live entertainment and food fairs, just as it is known for hosting one of the largest fireworks displays in California.

From tourists and guests, Redding has also seen its share of to-be wed couples visiting its bounds, each drawn to the unique showcases and experiences it has to offer.

With all of its featured celebrations and occasions, Redding has also steadily grown as a unique destination wedding location, a standing that is easily backed by its status as the “Second Sunniest City in the U.S.”

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