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It appears that people are becoming more and more aware of the environment. This is a newer fad that is here to stay. Windmills, solar panels and electric cars are becoming more and more common as we all do our part in protecting the world around us. You can do your part by including some eco-frindly choices in your wedding planning. Your Redding wedding can include eco-friendly bouquets, centerpieces and favors.

Orlando WeddingA green wedding or an eco-friendly wedding is any wedding where the couple tries to decrease the impact of their event on the planet. Making eco-friendly choices for wedding can be a challenge, but with greener choices, you save money as well as the environment. We have listed some ideas to help you get started with your environmentally friendly wedding.

Eco Friendly Flowers:
Many flowers sold are imported from developing countries where there is high use of pesticides. Choosing a florist where organically grown, in-season, local flowers are used can be a much better earth friendly choice. This will also remove the need for long-distance transportation and will support local garden centers in your area.

Another idea is to reuse your flowers from the wedding ceremony by transforming them into table decorations at the reception. After the party, donate them to a local hospital or senior citizen center or send them home with your guests so they can enjoy them a little longer.

Dried or silk flowers are also another alternative. Ask your local Redding California florist if they carry silk flowers and ask to see pictures or sample bouquets to see if this option would suite your taste.

Below are some sample pictures of in-season flowers used to decorate weddings and were taken from

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Eco Friendly Centerpieces:
A great addition to the eco-friendly favors on the tables is to pull the “green” theme into your centerpieces. If you are looking for a vessel for the center of your table to hold sea shells or colorful rocks, consider vases made from recycled glass or a bamboo bowl, due to renewable tendencies.

Eco Friendly WeddingYour centerpieces can incorporate fruit, branches or twisted branches to make vases or containers as well as flower stems. Here is a blog dedicated to green themed weddings Check out all the different categories for pictures and ideas.

Eco Friendly Party Favors
The number of earth-friendly products and services is growing, giving the bride and groom a range of options. It is often as simple as buying local. For instance, supporting a local artisan is much more earth friendly than having cheap trinkets shipped half way around the world.

Honey Party FavorOne of the more obvious eco-friendly wedding favor ideas for couples is to give something organic. There are many options if you want to give small trees, seeds, bulbs or plants. An example of a favor from a local company is buying a large container of honey and filling your own honey jars as a favor. You can also think about using local food and wine at your reception.

I have also been to a wedding where guests had to pay $1 to play a game. All of the proceeds for the game went toward a local charity. This was a great source of entertainment and added fun for any children attending the wedding.

Green weddings incorporate elements of eco-conscious ideas that compliment a couple’s overall style. Remember, weddings are a reflection of your individualistic style, and the level of “greenness” involved is truly up to you.

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