Let There be Light!

Her Wedding PlannerIt may seem petty but lighting sets the mood of your reception. Hollywood hands know this. Lighting is the magic that makes almost everything look better (i.e., food, flowers, set) – even guests. Here’s a rundown on how to make the most out of a lighting plan.



Get the right eye. This is not the best time to master the craft. Ask your florist or your coordinator who does the job for them. Or ask people you know who do theatres. A little stretch goes a long way.


Study your site. Visit it at the time of day similar to the event. This is especially true for evening receptions. Know peculiarities. Identify fixed lightings. Lights illuminating walls, windows and ceilings tend to drive attention away from the room’s center. Focus should be on the dance floor and tables. It should encourage interaction among guests.


Identify your power sources. You may need to put up a generator to cater to a greater need. Check for noise levels. You don’t want your guests shouting to one another to start a conversation.


Come up with a plan. There are a lot of lighting tweaks and twists that you could use. Gobos – circular stencils over a light – can project your motifs, dates or monograms. Pin spots or a focused beam can highlight your wedding cake.



Moreover, like a candlelight, soft lighting is best for dinnertime. However, you may want to introduce stronger lighting as the party progresses. This not only pushes the excitement to newer heights and gets guests asking for more; it is a beautiful backdrop to a wonderful finale.

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