Great Honeymoon? Get a Redding Mini-Moon

Her Wedding PlannerAfter the ‘big event’, finally you’ll have time all by yourself as a new couple. Sounds great, right? But with the merrymaking taking a huge deficit on your savings, a paradise getaway to Timbuctu for a week or two could be out of the question. So practicality-wise, a mini-moon – a 3-4 days trip to a nearer location – could be your best option.   Here’s why.


1. Financial – For obvious reasons, a mini-moon will not tear through your pockets as a full-blast honeymoon will. Theoretically, at least. Unless your idea of a mini-moon is going gambling in the glitziest casino of the world. It doesn’t take a day to throw a fortune.

To note, even all-inclusive resorts entail international travel. Getting to your island of dreams could already chew up a huge chunk of your much-depleted budget. On the other hand, a trip to the Niagara could pinch you a lot of savings.


2. Time – Work demands or business obligations that cannot be bargained with could limit your options.  A word of warning though: There is a need to straighten things out with your would-be partner-in-life early on as this could be an area of contention. Now would be a good time to start thinking not as one but as a couple.


3. Convenience – Mini-moons are like candies; maxi-moons (the longer version) are like cakes. One can be handily placed in your bag; the other takes time to prepare.  You could draw up a nearby destination a week or two before your ‘day of union’. It could be just a call away and you’re booked, no big deal.  Mini-moons could be a prelude too – a taste of the more traditional honeymoon. Albeit shorter, it does not mean mini-moons are less fun and memorable.

For one, saving on expenses could mean an increase in your new car down payment. And one thing’s certain: In terms of time spent together, quality matters more than quantity.

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