Quick Guide to Getting Your Wedding a Venue

Her Wedding PlannerYes, you’ve settled – perhaps after much debate – on when to hold your ‘day of union’ in Redding. But here’s another vital point that needs to be considered and equally just as important: venue. Indeed, this could lead to another round of arguments, a means to an end. So here’s a quick guide to cut you and your chosen partner-to-be some corners.


Who are your guests? Apparently, your guest list may hold the key to your venue. You could start with a target number like 200 or 300 guests for your dream wedding or do it bottom up by listing down who you’d want to be there on your ‘big day’. Remember, more guests mean bigger venue; less guests need smaller one – lesser budget.


Ultimately, keeping your guests in mind in choosing a wedding venue is important. For instance, a beach wedding in an island far away may not be a good idea if you knew important guests might not be able to make it. Unless, of course, that is how you want it to be.


Is it going to be a religious ceremony or not? A second consideration is the nature of your wedding. Take time to discuss these things with your fiancée. Religious ceremonies, more often than not, have rules. So checking things out early can save you a lot of trouble (e.g., permits, what-not-to-wear).


Lastly, it is important that you and your future other-half consider the work that you will have to do to make the venue wedding-ready. A barn wedding, for example, will require some muscle-stretching. This could include clearing out the hay, or setting up Porta Potties (for guest’s convenience) and lest we forget, moving Bessie out to pasture – with all other farm animals, of course.


On the other hand, beach weddings, and garden weddings for that matter, need a Plan B  ready should the weather go nuts and decide to sprinkle some rain on your ‘big day’.


To a large extent, if you know what you want on the day you walk down the aisle then choosing your venue is but a matter of asking the right questions firsthand.

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