Ten Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs in Redding

Her Wedding PlannerIf only you can have your dream Redding wedding minus the exorbitant price tag, that would be perfect. Though it’s impossible not to incur costs for your ‘big day’, cutting some corners financially is definitely doable – given focus. Here’s not one but 10 ways:


1. Keep your mouth shut. Sounds simple right? But it may take a little discipline. Getting your coworkers into the planning of your wedding is a sure fire way of having to invite them on the big day.

2. Keep a light bridal party. If you don’t want to add to the financial burden of having to buy bridesmaid flower bouquets, don’t make every member of the sorority house part of your entourage. Bouquets may not be much; wait until you do a little multiplication.

3. Decide ahead how much is your spend. Do not let what you want define your wedding. Think from the head first not primarily via wish list. Sit down with your partner-to-be and decide how much you are going to allocate for your wedding.

4. List DIYs. Do-it-yourself’s are a great saver. Word of caution: Avoid spreading yourself too thin as this can be a formula for ruin.

5. Cut your guest list. Let’s face it, a fat guest list is more expensive than a lean one. It’s simple really. If you don’t exclude them, then you pay for them.

6. Consider cocktails instead of a sit-down reception. Simple toasts and cake-cutting in a café can do the trick. Definitely light on the budget.

7. Enlist friendlies. It will take a little digging but help from friends and family (i.e., dessert-making, planning,  flower-arranging) cuts a lot of costs and builds wonderful memories too.

8. Lay down a financial wedding plan. Writing it down seems tedious but it actually saves you a lot of trouble. Money don’t slip under your hand.

9. Avoid open bars. Well, if you have a booze-till-you-drop night, expect the tab to soar.

10. Consider a mini-moon.  Short honeymoons can be as exciting as a longer one – if you plan them right. Minus the big cost, of course.

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