Your Wedding Venue: Three Ways to Minimize Surprise

Her Wedding PlannerSurprises are nice. But for your Redding wedding, keeping surprises within the confines of the guest’s gifts may be best. Here are 3 ways to get your venue as surprise-free as possible:


  1. Talk to the in-charge. Yes, we are talking about those people who run your venue, whether it’s a club house or a hotel function room. These people can give information critical to your ‘big day’. As what usually happens, people who serve you on your wedding celebration may just be following orders blindly.


In this regard, the personnel-in-charge of your wedding can be timely. Talk to him ahead and establish communication lines. When things go wrong on your ‘day of union’ you’d know who to go to.


  1. Transportation. Assuming transportation will be available can be costly. Know ahead of time if a shuttle or any form of transportation is on standby for your guests. Or you may have to provide one.


Once things add up, you could have a potential bottleneck on your wedding celebration. For instance, walking may not be an option especially for the important guests. Now, depending on the length of their patience, some of your guests could choose to opt out and heed for home. This is highly unlikely but they do happen.


  1. Know their service peculiarities. The more you know the details of the crew’s service, the better. Do they charge for other vendors (e.g., florists) aside from their own? How much do they charge for service fee? Do they serve wines? How about open flames? Are candle-lit dinner allowed?


Some of these infos seem petty. But if you have not factored things in, too many little surprises on your big day in Redding can be traumatic – to say the least.

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