3 Vows a Future Mother-in-law Should Follow Days Before the Wedding

Wedding Mother in law VowsMother-in-laws can be God’s great gift to an upcoming Redding wedding. True. Minus the mouth for many, of course.
There is definitely a thin, fine line between showing concern and overstepping boundaries. For future mother-in-laws, it is best to think twice before taking a proverbial leap by opening one’s mouth – especially in anger.

Below are three sacred vows upcoming mothers-in-law need to take. That should help build relationships right from the onset.

1. I promise to put my son’s situation in the right perspective. Keep in mind that your son is no longer your baby boy. Forcing things your way could leave things unsettling at best.

You have done your part of the bargain. Now it’s time for your son to prove himself to the world. Unless, he actively seeks it, advice is best kept to yourself.

For instance, if the future couple decides to have a Greek wedding, then so be it. Of course, you are still within your right perfectly if you refuse to give financial assistance. With a smile, of course.

2. I promise to look at my future daughter-in-law in the right perspective. Above all else, the future wife should be the first priority of your son, barring none. In this regard, sad as it sounds, your daughter-in-law comes first in the life of your son, not you.

3. I promise to respect the views of my son’s future wife. Different parts of the country (e.g., Quebec, Toronto) have distinct customs and beliefs. It does not mean your future daughter-in-law is against you when her views ran counter to yours.

It may take a lot of courage and patience to keep yourself from saying your piece – much as you want to. Keep in mind, however, that taking a life-partner is solely your son’s prerogative. As you have had yours.

However, knowing he’s about to marry a crook and a thief is a different story altogether.

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